Test Trial 3

Will Holmgren, Oct 29, 2020

Test Trial 3 will test day ahead and hour ahead forecasts for AC power, mean SURFRAD GHI, and probabilistic forecasts of GHI. This trial will run on Solar Forecast Arbiter version 1.0rc4.

We ask that users not upload real forecasts for this test of the trial system. Rather, users should upload non-proprietary, random, constant, or other types of forecast that can be made public. This will allow all of parties to the testing to trace and debug errors without security concerns. To the extent that it’s feasible to program within your systems, we recommend running your systems as if you were making a real forecast but then replacing the final data with fake data before posting it to the Arbiter’s API.

Please see the Trials Documentation for a complete description of the Solar Forecast Arbiter’s trials feature. The documentation also contains an example Python script to help you get started programming against the API, but we encourage you to write your own scripts that mimic how you would handle real forecast data from your systems.

The following forecast start, end, and timing parameters are the same for all forecasts:

The rules for metadata and data accessibility for each participant are as follows.

The following 3 sets of metadata describe the observations, metrics, categories, quality flags, missing forecast policy, and reference forecasts.




Please contact Will Holmgren at holmgren@email.arizona.edu with comments, questions, or to sign up for the trials testing.